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Guida and Jiménez caters to both established and startup organizations. We realize that timely information is needed to help make sound business and financial decisions. We will familiarize ourselves with every aspect of your business in order to serve you effectively and efficiently.

We will analyze and evaluate your existing business structure and practices and make recommendations to optimize the day-to-day operations of your business. Guida & Jiménez will provide you with meaningful and informative financial statements and tax planning to assist you in making sound business decisions and planning your future growth.

Accounting Services
Tax Planning & Preparation
Audit Services
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This service is provided for closely held companies and not-for-profit organizations. Our staff will strive to familiarize themselves with every aspect of your business, in order to serve your companies needs most effectively. We will analyze and evaluate your existing structure and practices and make recommendations, which will optimize the functioning of your company’s day-to-day business. Guida & Jimenez will provide meaningful and informative financial statements, establishing a sound basis for vital decision making.


No matter whether your tax needs are simple or complex, compliance or consulting, personal or business, Guida & Jimenez can help. We provide quality service to a broad range of clients including, individuals, corporations, trusts, estates, limited liability companies, partnerships and not-for-profit organizations. We are well versed and experienced in the tax laws and their interpretation. Staff members update their knowledge of new tax laws constantly, through participation in special, continuing education courses.  Our philosophy is, “ to resolve tax issues before they become tax problems”.  Taxation is an integral part of both business and personal financial management. Our tax planning professionals can assist in developing both business and personal planning strategies with significant beneficial tax implications.


Minimizing estate taxes requires detailed, structured and intensive planning.  As CPA’s, we will provide you with the knowledge, vision and expertise needed in estate planning to minimize taxes and maximize distribution.  In consultation with other professionals, such as legal, trust, insurance and investment advisors, we provide a complete package of services in Trust and Estate Planning.


Where do you want your company to be in the next few years?  How do you plan to get there? Where and how will you obtain financing?  These questions and others comprise the “backbone” of your business plan. Devising a plan and obtaining financing are separate but affiliated tasks. Guida & Jimenez can help you with both. A business plan must always be the product of management’s knowledge, expertise and determination. No investor will take risk with uninformed and inexperienced management. As business consultants, we will guide you in demonstrating your current knowledge of your industry sector, expanding upon it and accumulating sufficient information to satisfy potential investors. Investors look for two important characteristics in both existing and start-up businesses, namely a unique and feasible business opportunity and excellent management.  Without compromising management’s ideas and abilities, we will ensure that your business plan is presented in the optimum format to potential investors, without either exaggerating management’s expertise or diminishing it.

Guida & Jiménez offers a wide variety of tax services for several industries and entity types, including but not limited to individuals, partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations, consolidated C Corporations, limited liability entities, Not-For-Profits, trusts and estates.  Our expertise and comprehensive understanding of today’s tax laws help us develop tax planning strategies and offer solutions to optimize profitability and minimize your tax liabilities.  We offer the following tax services to our clients

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Business Formation Planning

Starting a new business can be an exhilarating and exciting experience.  Hard work, dedication and a clear vision are essential ingredients for making this dream a reality.  From selecting the business structure that offers you the most tax advantages and legal protection to developing your accounting systems, Guida & Jiménez will assist you in developing a solid foundation to launch your new venture from and a roadmap to long lasting success.

Financing & Debt Restructuring

Whether you need to request a business loan or restructuring existing debt to your company’s advantage, Guida & Jiménez can help you prepare.  We can help you secure the most favorable lending conditions by developing a customized loan proposal and representing you at the bank.  Our loan proposals include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Pro-forma Cash Budgets & Financial Statement
  • Owners Personal Financial Statements

QuickBooks Services

For many small to medium size businesses, QuickBooks is the accounting software of choice.  Let our Certified QuickBooks Advisors assist you with the implementation of QuickBooks and empower you to manage your bookkeeping and control your cash flow.  You will benefit from having a Certified QuickBooks Advisor with years of experience in accounting and financial reporting, taxation and business consulting services in a broad range of industries.