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Accounting Services

Guida & Jiménez offers a wide range of accounting services for small and medium sized businesses as well as Not-for-Profits. We recognize and fill the need for a knowledgeable, experienced business advisor placing a high emphasis on integrity and ethics.

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Cash Flow Forecasting & Budget Preparation and Analysis

A positive cash flow is essential to a business’ long-term health and budgeting is an indispensable tool for long term growth. Guida & Jiménez can help develop cash flow management systems that will improve liquidity, reduce costs and improve profitability. We will implement forecasting and budgeting systems to use in your day-to-day operations.

QuickBooks Services

For many small to medium size businesses, QuickBooks is the accounting software of choice. Let our Certified QuickBooks Advisors assist you with the implementation of QuickBooks and empower you to manage your bookkeeping and control your cash flow. You will benefit from having a Certified QuickBooks Advisor with years of experience in accounting and financial reporting, taxation and business consulting services in a broad range of industries.

Outsourcing Services or Backoffice Services

For many businesses, outsourcing is an ideal solution to obtaining quality professional financial advice and accounting services without adding additional professionals to their staff. Guida & Jiménez can provide you with the advantages of cutting-edge technology and skilled staff without having to invest in these or buying and maintaining expensive software, reducing your back office costs considerably. Take advantage of the services we offer so that you may focus on your core competencies.